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Deadly Hot: The Hot Rod Honey Swing Dress by Deadly Dames

16 Mar

This is my new favorite thing.  Years ago Pinup Girl Clothing released a collection of tattoo print dresses with original Flash tattoo designs by the amazing Micheline Pitt.  Once these adorable dresses were gone, they were gone and coveted for years by us die hard fans on Ebay and all over the web.

Turns out the PUG fairies heard our collective pleas and granted us one very wonderful wish: This stunning print is back and better than ever in the form of their new style, The Hotrod Honey Swing.


This is the best dress in so many ways.  Aside from the gorgeous print (white stars, pirate babes, mermaids, swallows, lipstick and daggers on a black background), this is THE most comfortable dress you will ever wear.

It’s a super lightweight cotton/lycra blend perfect for Spring.  It has a ton of stretch making it a perfect date dress.  Or a “I’m going to eat my bodyweight in pizza and still look adorable” dress.

It has 3/4 length sleeves and is the perfect length.  I am 5’6″ and it hits me slightly below the knee. It has slight gathering at the waist line for a bit of extra poof.  The belt that comes with it is a faux leather that is vegan friendly and fabulous.


1940’s Dragon Queen

4 Mar

dragon-bannerSometimes there are pieces of fashion that I am drawn to and I don’t know why.  They are things outside of my comfort zone, things I look at over and over again trying to figure out what it is about them.  The Dixiefried Peasant Dress in 1940’s Dragon Print is one such dress.  I was very drawn to the photos on the website.  I was drawn to the rich cake-frosting-blue matte jersey peasant top, and of course to the brightly colored dragons.  I was worried though that the cut may not look good on me, and maybe the top might be unflattering, blah, blah, blah.  It just wasn’t my usual “style.” But, then I caved because I was under it’s spell and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

dragon-dressThe fabric is so pretty.  The top is fully lined in a smooth charmeuse, so it feels great against your skin (and keeps any potential bra-bling from snagging the chiffon-like matte jersey).  The dragon print is a nice cotton sateen with enough stretch to hug your curves and be very flattering.  It has a zipper up the back.  The peasant style top gives it some versatility; you can wear it either on or off the shoulder (you all know me by now–I went off the shoulder).

More than the beautiful, colorful details, the way this dress made me feel was what really stood out.  I have a lot of dresses from the Pinup Couture and Deadly Dames lines, but this was my very first Dixiefried.  I feel exotic in this dress.  I feel sexy and demure.  I feel a little like a 1940’s screen siren.  I wish I had better pictures because these photos can’t do justice to how great this looks in person.

It would be amazing with a great updo and maybe some chopsticks in your hair.  A nice shawl can only add to the glamourous vibe on the more chilly nights.  What can I say?  Pinup Girl has once again made me feel amazing, and this time in the form of a fierce, fiery dragon slayer.

Super Vamp: How to Become a Deadly Dame with Pinup Girl Clothing

15 Nov

I adore Pinup Girl Clothing, including all of their house brands: Deadly Dames, Pinup Couture, Laura Byrnes, Dixiefried, an Any-Other-Thing-They-Make. Because I have big hips, a big ass, and some thighs, I have found it easier to wear swing-style dresses. Most of us girls know that finding a great swing dress is far easier than finding a great wiggle dress.  With swing styles, as long as you can zip it up, it fits.  With wiggle dresses, things get much more complicated in the hip/junk/thigh area.

It was always hard for me to a) feel comfortable and/or sexy rocking a wiggle dress and b) to fit aforementioned body parts into a wiggle dress. But, after reading reviews and drooling over the pictures on the Pinup Girl Clothing website, I took the plunge and bought my first Deadly Dames Vamp dress.

The Vamp comes in a variety of fabulous prints and solid colors, including polka dot, black, baby blue, the-coming-soon 50’s leopard print, and, my favorite, zebra print.  No matter which colorway you get, or what size you are, this dress is amazing.

It has a punkrock edge to it, while keeping a classic 50’s/early 60’s wiggle silhouette.  It is made of a cotton sateen that is both comfortable and  forgiving, while also hugging your curves, which is a rare combination.  As soon as I put this dress on, I felt transformed into a sex goddess (or what I imagine a sex goddess feels like).

Let’s start from the top. The Vamp has adjustable straps that will accomodate a variety of bust sizes.  The cups are molded and lightly padded for shape.  I didn’t need a bra with this dress, but because of the wide straps you can definitely get away with a balconet style bra (perhaps even a lacy red number with the strap peeking out). Again, you don’t really need one with this dress, as it sort of works as a push up bra all on it’s own. (I couldn’t stop staring at my tits in this baby!)

Working our way down from the awesome ta-ta framing, the Vamp has a seam at the high point of the waist, which creates a whittled waistline; this is ideal, as opposed to wearing a dress that you simply pull over, making your waist look wider than it is. This is a problem with a lot of lesser quality designers; if you’re like me and have a 10 inch differential between your waist and hips, the last thing you want is for your waist to look as wide as your hips. This perfectly placed seam prevents that and creates an hourglass shape even if you don’t have one. From here the Vamp hugs your hips and smooths down your thighs into a yummy slit up the back, allowing for some wiggle room in this wiggle dress.

So, the Deadly Dames Vamp dress is comfortable, looks amazing, and comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. What makes this dress really worth it is seeing yourself in it and transforming into that moviestar vixen we all have inside of us. If you think yours isn’t there, slip on a Deadly Dames Vamp dress, put on some lipstick, add heels and make ’em weep.

WARNING: People will stare, so be prepared for the extra attention. Of course, every vamp knows that adoration is just a part of being a vixen. The Deadly Dames Vamp dress inspires confidence and, best of all, it makes being sexy fun. You don’t have to be uncomfortable and hold your breath all night to be a vamp, you just need this dress.

The Deadly Dames Vamp dress retails for $110 and you can buy it here.

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