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Trashy Diva Lilac Atomic Bomb-Diggity

21 Jul

You may still be recovering from the last amazing print release from Trashy Diva, but hold onto your stylish 50s inspired hats because the newest one is to die for.

Inspired by the atomic era of the 1950s where anything seemed possible and dreams of flying cars began we get this beautiful nostalgic and abstract print.

HAIRTIElilacatomic-webI went nuts for this one instantly, so naturally I ordered multiple styles (ha!).  It was a hard choice but I went with the Debbie dress, Trixie Top, and circle skirt , oh and I can’t forget the cutest hair tie ever.  Seriously, I don’t know how I am just now trying these.  Perfect accessory to make a bad hair day look good.


So, favorite first: Debbie is my new best friend.  I want all the dresses in this cut.  I was initially really worried about the cute ruffled bust not covering anything.  It is super boob friendly.  I fit into the cups and they covered enough not to make me feel obscene but instead like an atomic super vixen.

I ordered my normal size 10 and it is perfect! The straps on this lady are not adjustable so there may be a little tweaking needed if you have narrow shoulders.


I ordered one size up in the Circle skirt as recommended by a friend, boy I am glad I did!  I sized up to a 12 and I have to say it was TIGHT.  The waistband is not stretchy on this one so definitely order based on your exact measurements.

In the Trixie top, I ordered a medium because it has super stretchy sides.  I found this to be too tight across the bust (I measure 40″ for reference), I do think the large would be more comfortable for me.IMG_4391

The print is so beautiful.  The design features aqua, coral, grey and red against the lilac background. As with all Trashy Diva designs, this is a limited edition, so if you like it go grab it before it’s gone!

Oh, and those amazing shoes? Those are the glorious Miss L Fire Nancys (also comes in black and white.) There are a few sizes left at the website, and they are on sale!!!  They live happily amongst the most comfortable shoes I own


Trashy Diva: Fangirling for Red Fans

14 Jul

So before I jump into my uber love for Trashy Diva, you may be asking yourself “who is this?  Is this a REAL blogpost?” The answers are, it’s me! And Yes! I know I have been seriously slacking on the blog front (helloooo my last post was in 2015!) but y’all keep clicking and coming by and I appreciate you so much.  Seriously. Ok enough about me, let’s move on to TRASHY MUTHA FUCKIN’ DIVA.

If you follow me on Instagram you know I am borderline obsessed with Trashy Diva clothing.  And if you don’t follow me, do it (@ditadoll). I am not just obsessed because everything they make is magic (it is) or because I love that every new collection is limited (it is). I adore them because they are so well designed and so well made.  They actually fit a variety of silhouettes and always in a flattering way.  Don’t believe me? Hop on over to Facebook and check out our I’m a Trashy Diva page to see pretty babes being babely.

Their latest print release, based off of a vintage pattern discovered by the lovely and talented Candice Gwinn, feels like it was made for me.  Favorite color red? Check. Asian themed print? Check. Pockets? Check. FANS? Check. You can check out the full release of Red Fans here.


I decided to go with the Anne cut. I have long been a fan of her big sister, Annette, which has a more gathered, full skirt and a slightly shorter length, so I had to meet her little sophisticated sister, Anne.  I ordered my regular size 10 in Trashy Diva and it was perfect.  I currently measure 40″ bust 30″ waist.  It is made of a lightweight stretch cotton for comfort. And as I squealed about before, it has pockets.  I wore this all day without a purse, and let’s be honest, without a bra.  I feel like the Anne gives really good support due to the adjustable straps.

I paired it with the beautiful wooden fan Trashy Diva sent out with my purchase (thank you!), the stunning Rosita Bonita Chinese Lantern necklace which is reversible, and my very favorite shoes, my Lucky Lou Shoes Rockin’ Tikis (comfortable and gorgeous!)

As of yesterday, because I love this print so much, I also preordered the Virginia Shirtwaist Dress. This one is set to release on 7/30 and you can bet that when I get it, I’ll be plastering it’s gloriousness all over Instagram.


I am happy to answer any sizing questions, questions about life and love or whatever. Spam me with your Red Fans pics on Facebook at Chanel’s Sick and Pretty Parlour, request to join the hive on I’m a Trashy Diva or tag me on Instagram @ditadoll.


Trashy Diva Green Kimono Obi

7 Apr

Trashy Diva  is known for having gorgeous and unique prints.  They are also known for producing very limited runs of these beautiful prints.  One of my recent favorites is the Green Kimono print.  This print comes in several styles that you can check out here. I chose the Obi style mostly because the black panels give such a great contrast and make this a very unique dress.  Often times with vintage inspired clothing, you sort of end up with the same thing over and over again.  With Trashy Diva you are always getting something unique of impeccable quality.

FullSizeRender (17)


The Green Kimono Obi is made from a luxurious Rayon Crepe de Chine fabric.  It’s a light weight fabric that has a little bit of weight giving it a nice draping effect.  This dress could easily be worn in colder weather with boots or during the Spring and Summer with nice sandals or heels. I chose to wear it with my Michael Kors studded wedges for a modern twist.  The cut is super flattering and falls slightly off the shoulder (helpful hint: pin the keyhole at the shoulder to your bra strap to keep it from falling off. Unless of course, you want it to fall off. That’s ok too.)

Love it?  Go get it now.  Trashy Diva sells out FAST.


Deadly Hot: The Hot Rod Honey Swing Dress by Deadly Dames

16 Mar

This is my new favorite thing.  Years ago Pinup Girl Clothing released a collection of tattoo print dresses with original Flash tattoo designs by the amazing Micheline Pitt.  Once these adorable dresses were gone, they were gone and coveted for years by us die hard fans on Ebay and all over the web.

Turns out the PUG fairies heard our collective pleas and granted us one very wonderful wish: This stunning print is back and better than ever in the form of their new style, The Hotrod Honey Swing.


This is the best dress in so many ways.  Aside from the gorgeous print (white stars, pirate babes, mermaids, swallows, lipstick and daggers on a black background), this is THE most comfortable dress you will ever wear.

It’s a super lightweight cotton/lycra blend perfect for Spring.  It has a ton of stretch making it a perfect date dress.  Or a “I’m going to eat my bodyweight in pizza and still look adorable” dress.

It has 3/4 length sleeves and is the perfect length.  I am 5’6″ and it hits me slightly below the knee. It has slight gathering at the waist line for a bit of extra poof.  The belt that comes with it is a faux leather that is vegan friendly and fabulous.

Pinup Girl Clothing’s Aurora Dress in Dancing Horses Print

30 Dec

Winter can be a sad time for dress lovers.  It’s either windy, raining, snowing or all of the above.  A lot of us tuck our dresses away to hibernate until the first dew of Spring.  With a teensy bit of accessorizing and imagination you can make most any dress winterized.  If that dress happens to have pockets and pink dancing ponies on it, all the better.


Case in point:  The Aurora dress from Pinup Girl Clothing.  This dress is a part of their majestic Fairytale Fantasy collection.  It is fitted through the bodice and perfectly frames your curves.  It does come with a belt, but because of the fitted waist and wonderfully flared skirt, I chose to wear mine without it.  Speaking of the skirt, it has POCKETS.  This has become one of my most favorite features.  They are real pockets too that you can actually use!

I added a pair of black tights, a sexy pair of wedge boots, and a wonderful faux fur trimmed cardigan for warmth.  The cardigan is from Lip Service, and while it is an older style, they do pop up now and then on Ebay.  But, be creative and pair a favorite of your own with it.

Just because it’s gray and cold outside doesn’t mean our fashion has to be!

Wheels and Dollbaby’s Dita Von Teese Cardigan

6 May

pink-bannerI love Dita Von Teese.  I love fashion.  The two worlds have always collided, but this is one collision that has had me seeing stars for over a year.  Wheels and Dollbaby, an awesome Australian clothing line paired up with burlesque superstar, Dita Von Teese to create the much coveted and very sold out line of exclusive cardigans.  At the time they were released I was dying for one, but wasn’t so sure of the $190 AUD pricetag, so I pondered and pondered then poof, they were all gone.

pink2Until a few weeks ago!  I just happened to run ‘Wheels & Dollbaby’ through an Ebay search and the glorious peach and black version of the cardigan came up. It was still new and unworn.  I just knew that there would be a bidding frenzy, so I stayed up late staring at the screen and no bids were going through.  “It shall be mine!” I said aloud, all alone in my most maniacal voice.  Then it happened.  My internet got the hiccups.  Because I had waited until the last possible second to place my bid in hopes that I would win it, I didn’t get a bid in at all.  I was on the verge of tears.  Dramatic, yes, but once you see this lovely you will understand the obsession.  But not only did my bid not go through, no one else bid!!!  This is a cardigan that has gone for upwards of $800 on Ebay.  I emailed the seller immediately and told her what had happened and that I still really wanted it.  She was so gracious, and I think a little happy to avoid Ebay taking their cut, that she agreed to a transaction via Paypal outside of Ebay.

Not only was my seller amazing, she was in the US.  Most Wheels and Dollbaby Dita cardigans are found on Ebay Australia, and even then you have to pray that the seller will ship internationally.  My seller was in California, so I had it within just a few days.

DVTI opened the shipping box to find inside a beautiful box with a windowpane through which I could see the beautiful peach confection that was now mine. I lifted off the lid and gently touched the sweater as if I was touching a lover for the very first time. It is the softest, most luxurious knit I’ve ever felt.  I was overjoyed.

The pictures speak for themselves.  This is truly gorgeous and unique and so worth the luxurious pricetag.  So, why am I bragging about this gorgeous thing that you cannot get anymore (unless you luck out on Ebay like I did!)? Because, dear fellow pinup loving fashionista, there will be new Dita cardigans in THREE brand new colorways, which are still a mystery.  But, I do know one little secret, but shhhh, don’t tell anyone…they are coming out this May!  So stay tuned to the Wheels & Dollbaby website and their Facebook page.  These are sure to sell out again, so don’t hesitate like I did!

Pinup Girl Clothing Canvas Underskirt

20 Mar

leopard-bannerSince the 1500’s the petticoat has been a staple in women’s fashion.  It has evolved over the centuries into the fabulous fluffy skirts we all know and love.  I love wearing a full petticoat on special occasions but find them to be overly poofy and inconvenient for daily wear.  Enter the amazing Black Canvas Underskirt designed by Pinup Girl Couture.  The design was inspired by similar undergarments created by Dior in the 40’s and 50’s.  The instant I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

It is made of a heavy canvas in two tiers that fastens at the elastic waist with two heavy duty metal snaps.  The snaps go in the front.  I fluffed out the two tiers of canvas prior to putting it on and it really doesn’t flatten much once garments are put on over it.  Because of the short length, I was a little concerned that I’d have a “drop-off” effect in any longer length dresses.  This was not a problem at all.

leopard-before-and-afterI wore it with my leopard Heidi dress and it gave just the right amount of fullness without adding ‘weight’, which was a fear of mine.  It’s perfect if you’re on the slimmer side and want to add some curves under your dress silhouettes, and also perfect if you’re already curvy and just want some nice fluff without knocking people over as you pass by.  Well, you’ll still knock them over, but it won’t be because of your oversized petticoat.

This little number is fantastic. It adds the perfect amount of poof while still allowing you to use a public restroom, drive a car, and all the other things that a full petticoat disallows. My waist waivers between 28-29″ and I got the medium. For $36 this is a STEAL. You will not be disappointed!

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