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Be Still My Heart Of Darkness: Kreepsville 666 Elvira Tunic & Vampira Sunglasses

14 Feb

elvira-bannerI’ve always had a little darkness in my heart.  And I’ve always been a sucker for dark hair, pale skin and cleavage.  So it makes perfect sense that my beauty heroes include Elvira, Vampira, Morticia, and Lily.  Although, if we are getting technical, I believe Lily Munster was actually green.  Still, all of these women invoked a dark sensuality.  An ownership of their own glamour, not succumbing to what should be considered pretty.  They were sexy because they were different, and they gave little gothy hearted girls like me something to look up to and something to look forward to.

elvira-frontThe Kreepsville 666 Elvira Cobweb tunic dress drew me in right away.  With Elvira sprawled across a spiderweb, in simple black and white, my little black heart skipped a beat.  It is made of a soft cotton t-shirt material, very light weight with plenty of stretch.  It has a low scooped neckline so it can be worn on or off the shoulder.  You can definitely wear it as a mini dress with some tights if you’re feeling super vampy and daring.  I paired it with some leggings for a more modest look.  The greatness lies in the comfort.  I feel like I am wearing a t-shirt, but in fact look like I actually put myself together.  The back has some pretty large text that reads “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.”  I was at first a bit concerned about this, but I like it in person, it adds a fun sort of punk rock edge to the tunic.

I got mine at Sourpuss.

elvira-glassesThen there is Vampira, the most mysterious lady of them all.  Even if these sunglasses weren’t a take on the original ones designed specifically for Vampira, I would still have drooled for them because, well, they are amazing.  I scored these from a limited run via the official Vampira page on Facebook.  I see them pop up every now and again on the page so all hope is not lost.  I missed out on the edition twice before I was able to actually score a pair.  You can stay tuned here for more information on Vampira and these badass glasses.

Now, I know there was a little rivalry between the Mistress of the Dark and The Original Glamour Ghoul which you can read about herebut I still love them both, so I have no problem wearing a little Elvira and Vampira mixed together.


Meet Shop Emerald City- An Interview

22 Jan


I was so excited when Shop Emerald City contacted me to write for their blog.  I am such a big fan of what they do and the amazing, unique items they sell.  I want you to meet and love them too, so without further ado, I am taking you on a virtual date (and of course I’m paying).  Meet Ian, creator extraordinaire.  I asked him the hard hitting questions I know you were all dying to ask.  You’re welcome.

1. How did the idea for Shop Emerald City come about? Where did the name come from?

SkullBowEmerald City was born in early 2012 and started out with a table in a spare room, and a $99 sewing machine. Since then we have grown heaps and I must admit I’ve been pleasantly surprised by its success so far.

2. Where do you see Shop Emerald City headed in the near and distant future?

LimeCrimeI have been really surprised at how we have grown so much inside 12 months and so I see the near future as one of consolidation, improving, continual growth and a far greater range of products, both handmade here in Australia as well as supporting other creatives worldwide. I would also like to focus on and offer a great range of products in the plus sizes, something that a lot of shops seem to neglect. The distant future would see Emerald City becoming a community of designers, creatives and consumers. Online shopping is meant to be fun and so in both the near and distant future, I would always see Emerald City being about fun. We may get bigger but I am determined to have our customer service element grow at an equal pace.

3.  I see that you are very hands on in your business (i.e. cutting the leggings yourself).  Do you have a hand in designing and creating most of the products?

I am very hands on with the making. I select, cut, sew, label, wrap, post, do all the paperwork, clean, and make a great cup of coffee. I have a great team who keeps me very grounded. I like to have a go at everything and wouldn’t ask anyone to do something unless I have either done it myself or am willing to try.  I hope to be involved a lot more with design in 2013. I am also keen in taking on more talent and designers.

4. Tell us something about yourself.

KnickersDamn, I hate this question! I am not very good at self promotion. I regard myself as a people person. I live a comfortable but modest life with my partner Victoria who is a great support to me. I like to keep my personal life private and separate from my business life (where possible!). At the end of day I am me, I enjoy what I am currently doing. It’s fun. I like to focus on positive energy. My other love is Vintage and Classic motorcycles, having restored to concourse condition a 1951 BSA A10 650cc Plunger. Oh, and I would have to also mention my second greatest passion, that great Californian band, The Doobie Brothers, as well as John Fogerty and CCR (Creedence Clearwater Revival). Some would describe this passion to be more like an obsession. Fine food and a good red wine also are passions of mine.

5. Is it true that you live in an Emerald mansion?

Oh how I wish, and how easy would it be to say yes. But try a very modest, 4 bedroom house in north Brisbane Queensland. I’m comfortable, but it aint a mansion!

6. What inspires you?

MedusaWell the world didn’t end in 2012 as predicted, so that is an inspiration! A lot of things inspire me but I don’t have a list of things like people, songs, history, events, books or art that inspire me. To me inspiration can be found anywhere, and most of the time it’s something intangible or difficult to define. When I think of the things that do inspire me, they all seem to fall under the umbrella of good hard work, respect, integrity and a commitment to do what you believe and go where you want to go and be.

7. What is your favorite mermaid movie?

The Secret of Roan Inish

8. What was your day job before becoming the owner of Shop Emerald City?

ConcreteI hope you’re sitting down when you read this. My day job before becoming the owner of Emerald City was the 28 years I spent in the Australian Army, reaching the rank of Major. The contrast between that and owning Emerald City couldn’t be any greater. I often laugh when I think that one day, I was the Second in Command of an Australian Artillery Regiment, the next, I found myself sitting in front of a sewing machine! I’m also qualified in high school teaching.

9. What do you want the world to know about Shop Emerald City?

MermaidBowWe are a small organisation focused on customer service above all else. We have only been trading since February 2012, but have grown substantially since then. It doesn’t matter how big we get, my focus will always be on customer service. We try and find the best products for the best price. We also cater to all people and their varying means. We completely understand that for many, money does not come easy and many have to work hard to save up to treat themselves to something nice, and so we like to make it our business that customers get a good value and high quality products at  a very fair price. Hearing a customer tell us that our customer service is first class just makes us work harder to improve their shopping experience with us. It is what drives us.

10. What is your favorite curse word?

Generally “Fuck,” but light-heartedly, “Shit,” “Bugger,” “Poo Bum Wee.”

Bloody Good Fun: Harebrained Period Panties

27 Dec

Unicorn-BANNERWe all hate it.  That bloody, bitchy, question-all-of-your-past-choices time of the month.  The rag.  The period.  Menses Fest. The Blood Bath.  For me, this is a time when I want to murder most of humankind.  The cramping, the bleeding, the I-can’t-get-out-of-bed-for-seven-days.  It’s miserable and no amount of tampon commercials telling me I can wear white and play tennis and go swimming is going to change that.  But, I have found something to make it more fun, well at least until I get that medical marijuana license.

Period Panties.  No, not the cottony, holey, grandma panties you have buried in the bottom of your panty drawer.  But cute, badass, fuck-you panties.  Meet the blood thirsty team that is sure to make your week of hell a tiny bit more delightful.


Harebrained of Chicago, Illinois is self described as “a tall man with a pencil and a computer. He’s fueled by beer and puppies” brings us a little ray of dark humoured sunshine.

There is the Bleeder of The Pack, Cunt Dracula, Dawn of the Red, and, my favorite, Rainbo: First Blood. Not only do these panties pack some serious PMS attitude, but they are also black, which, let’s get down to business, you want during your period.  They are 100% cotton so they are easily washable and non irritating.  They have a super cute boycut brief that I otherwise would never don, but during the hellbeast days, I don’t want to be reminded of how sexy I am not by throwing on something silky.

These panties rock my world.  The shipping was super fast and I got cute buttons and stickers thrown in my package.  Well, not my package, but in the mailer. At $7.00 a pair, what are you waiting for?

This is Halloween!

31 Oct

I couldn’t think of a better day to debut Chanel’s Sick & Pretty Parlour than on my favorite spooky holiday, Halloween!  My family was not big into Halloween growing up.  I remember dressing up and going Trick or Treating only once, and my mom wouldn’t let me eat any of the candy (fear of kid poisoners I suppose).  So now that I am an adult I am all about Halloween.  It’s my favorite commercial holiday.  I love dressing up and decorating.  More importantly, I am a big fan of doing it on a budget.  I don’t really like to repeat my costumes, so I don’t want to go out and blow $500 on one.

This year I wanted to be a zombie nurse.  I scored a vinyl nurse dress from Lip Service for $15 via Candie Land Goodies (a steal since these costumes run $50+).  Sadly, it didn’t fit me the way I had hoped and I had to kill the sexy undead nurse idea.

So I figured I’d check out my local Goodwill for a plain white dress that could maybe double as a nurse dress. Instead I found a prairie girl style white lacy frock.  I walked around the store feeling totally uninspired and disappointed with my costume idea.  Then I saw it:

A big straw hat hanging on the wall.

Right away I could envision it, I’d be a farm girl turned vampire.  I walked over to the shoe section and found a great pair of BCBG cowboy boots for $5.  I got out with a whole new costume for under $20. I brought my goodies home and destroyed the pretty white dress with fake blood. I used an aerosol spray you can get at any Halloween store for about $6, and also a  jug of fake blood (about $4) that I splattered on by hand and used to wipe hand prints on the dress.  This may have been the funnest (albeit messiest) part.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I dug out my vampire fangs that I used 2 years ago for a Victorian Vampire costume, but much to my dismay they hurt too much and I couldn’t bear to wear them.  I was running out of time and wouldn’t be able to get a new pair and mold them, so I had to make a quick change for the third time. I decided I’d be a zombie farm girl.  Finally the fun could begin!

I ordered the special edition Alchemy collection from Lime Crime Cosmetics.  If you haven’t used their products yet, you are missing out.  They have excellent color payoff and it’ll stay on your face for hours.  For this look I used their eyeshadow primer (the best in the biz in my opinion), followed by the delicious green “Lucky Charm” from the Alchemy palette. I used the shadow all around my eyes, on my cheeks and around my lips to create a yummy rotting effect.

In the Limited Edition collection, there is also an amazing green lipstick called “Serpentina” which I used with a black eyeliner to line my undead lips. The lipstick and the shadow stayed on all night and I didn’t have to reapply once.  I also used “Lucky Charm” mixed with a black eyeshadow to create the shadows on my chest and arms. The great thing is that even though I invested in this collection for Halloween (and mostly for the amazing green lipstick), I can use all of these colors throughout the year for more glamorous looks.  Incidentally, I am in no way affiliated with Lime Crime, other than loving their products. It’s such awesome stuff, I just want everyone else to know about it!

My costume was a hit.  And, let’s face it, most of the fun of Halloween is dressing up and getting made up and taking a million photos…or is that just me? What did you guys dress up as?

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