Black Friday Shopping Tips

25 Nov


Black Friday.

It is one of the most loved or hated days of the year, depending on your point of view.  The day after Thanksgiving where the retail devils and gods conspire to bring shoppers the best deals and lowest prices of the year on everything, from televisions and chainsaws to toys and clothing.

Luckily for me, a girl who is paralyzed by crowds and angry mobs, most all major companies (and many more smaller indie companies) have Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on their websites.  Most sales start at midnight, while most people are settling into their Thanksgiving comas. So, your best bet is to be prepared, before your belly is full of bird and pie.  Many websites become overloaded due to the huge influx of traffic and crash or just get really slow.  This can make a shopper go insane and yell at her monitor…I mean…so I’ve heard.

That said, here are some shopping tips on how to make the most of Black Friday:

1.  Plan ahead.

Bookmark the websites you will be shopping at so that you can get to them quickly, at least a half-hour before midnight.

2.  Register on the sites before Black Friday.

Nothing will drive you crazier than trying to set up a user name and password while 100 other people are buying your same items and snatching them from your e-cart while you are trying to sign up.  Also, make sure you set up your payment info so you don’t have to hunt around for credit card numbers.

3.  Build your shopping cart beforehand.

Most sites have the feature to save a cart.  Login to the sites you just registered for and shop before Black Friday.  Choose your styles and sizes, etc., and add to your cart.  This way when you login before midnight on Thanksgiving everything will be ready for checkout.  You don’t want to have to waste time making decisions on what you want while many other shoppers are snatching up your size.

4.  Prioritize your shopping by the items you want most to least.

You likely won’t be able to be on 5 sites at the exact same time, so really focus on the shop you will score the most goodies from, because in most instances, checkout may take a bit of time and patience.  Keep trying.

5.  Have some snacks and water by the computer.

So, this may not help you shop, but it will keep you from having to leave the computer. Also, a stash of chocolate may help curb the anger you feel when your items start to sell out. You will probably miss out on some stuff, so just remember to focus on the great stuff you do score.

6.  Make a budget.

This should be done while you’re building your shopping carts.  It’s sometimes hard to resist a sale.  Trust me, I know!  But, you also don’t want a bunch of stuff that you didn’t really like that much and end up buying just because it was a good deal.  Who has the storage space for that, anyway? Budget for the items that you truly want to own.


And There you have it. So, shop smart and be prepared.  This will make your shopping more enjoyable, a whole lot easier, and a lot more successful. Here’s to everyone getting great deals!

I’d love to see what everyone gets so come back and share…


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