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24 Jul

I have been missing in action for a little over a month now as some of you may or may not have noticed.  I am not mad if you didn’t 😉  I lost my beloved mother on June 8 and have been overwhelmed with a broken heart and all of the practical things that go along with such a great loss.  But, I am not here to make you all sad and tell you all to go hug your moms and dads if you’re lucky enough to still be able to do it (but seriously, do it).  I am here to pay homage to my wonderful mother, Joyce, the woman who taught me to be glamorous, to dress well, wear good perfume and most importantly, she taught me how to draw on winged eye liner.

sc0004-2My mother was a great beauty and I was always mesmerized by her.  I would sit and stare at her as she did her makeup every day at the kitchen table.  She used a handheld mirror, and so do I.  She used liquid eyeliner every single day no matter how bad she felt.  And her lines were impeccable.  She always had her hair done and was always dressed up.  She never wore jeans, ever.  She always treated everyday as a special occasion.  Whether she was just going to the market or going out to dinner she was always done up.  And she was beautiful.  Even in the hospital at 73 years old, the nurses would marvel and compliment my mom’s porcelain skin.  She and my dad always got stopped on the street and complimented on their good looks, but especially her.

Mom on Duke's CarIt wasn’t just her physical beauty that made her so wonderful though, and it wasn’t just a knack for being girly that I got from her.  She was a giving, warm hearted soul.  She always lit up a room and told stories that made you feel like you had experienced them with her, even though you may not have even been born yet when they happened.  She was a wonderful cook, sadly a skill I did NOT learn from her.

She always loved when I would come over in a new dress or new shoes, and I thought it was just that we shared a love for pretty things, but thinking on her life and my love for her, I think I realize it was something else.  It was a certain sort of pride that she had; that she had raised a daughter and taught her to love the things she loved and to be the type of person she was.

My mom was wonderful for so many reasons, but today I remember as being a glamour-puss whose beauty will live on in mine, and so many others hearts forever.

Now go hug your moms/dads/whoever loves you!

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