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Handiedan Exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery

22 Apr

Banner3Great art is not just about aesthetic beauty and how nice it looks hanging on a wall or sitting on a shelf.  Truly great art changes and influences the way you view the world.  I left the Elegant Universe exhibit of Handiedan’s work feeling an optimism about the world that has frankly been a bit dimmed for some time.

There are so many people in the world wasting time being miserable, spending time being nasty to eachother and to themselves.  Elegant Universe left me with such a feeling of excitement and optimism.  Having the chance to shake the hand that creates such beauty was such an honor. Handiedan is absolutely lovely.  She is so warm and welcoming, taking the time to talk to each of her fans, signing postcards, and posing for pictures.

Chanel-and-HandiedanI discovered Handiedan after stumbling upon BeautifulBizarreArt on Tumblr.  From the first glimpse of Handiedan’s work, I was enthralled, it really spoke to my aesthetic sensibilities.  You can really see that she throws her heart and soul into her work.  Each piece has the kind of detail you could stare at for hours upon hours.  Each collage has innumerable layers of beauty and depth.  It is so perfect. It really is something you can only feel, words can’t adequately describe it.

I left with the feeling that for all of the assholes out in the world, for all the negativity and ugliness, there are the Handiedan’s of the world who are doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Shining a light over the bleakness that sometimes exists in the world. They are sharing their various talents and they are reminding each of us of our own potential.  While their talents are unique to them, the feeling of optimism their art can give us is universal, a gift we can each give someone else with our own art, whether it be baking a cake, drawing a picture, or sharing a smile with a stranger.  It’s the reminder I needed that the universe really is an elegant place and that even when I can’t find exactly where I am, I have my place in it and it’s the right place.

handiedan-paintingI was reminded why I love art so much.  I am a woman of small means, but I love that I can buy a print, go to an exhibit, meet an artist, and know that I am helping in my own tiny little way to support the artists that make the world a better, beautiful, creative place, and that also make my home a more beautiful place and open my heart to all the beauty the universe has to offer.

Go out and be inspired if you’re in the Southern California area.  Handiedan’s Elegent Universe will be on display until April 27th at Thinkspace Gallery.

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