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Pinup Girl Clothing Canvas Underskirt

20 Mar

leopard-bannerSince the 1500’s the petticoat has been a staple in women’s fashion.  It has evolved over the centuries into the fabulous fluffy skirts we all know and love.  I love wearing a full petticoat on special occasions but find them to be overly poofy and inconvenient for daily wear.  Enter the amazing Black Canvas Underskirt designed by Pinup Girl Couture.  The design was inspired by similar undergarments created by Dior in the 40’s and 50’s.  The instant I saw it, I knew it had to be mine.

It is made of a heavy canvas in two tiers that fastens at the elastic waist with two heavy duty metal snaps.  The snaps go in the front.  I fluffed out the two tiers of canvas prior to putting it on and it really doesn’t flatten much once garments are put on over it.  Because of the short length, I was a little concerned that I’d have a “drop-off” effect in any longer length dresses.  This was not a problem at all.

leopard-before-and-afterI wore it with my leopard Heidi dress and it gave just the right amount of fullness without adding ‘weight’, which was a fear of mine.  It’s perfect if you’re on the slimmer side and want to add some curves under your dress silhouettes, and also perfect if you’re already curvy and just want some nice fluff without knocking people over as you pass by.  Well, you’ll still knock them over, but it won’t be because of your oversized petticoat.

This little number is fantastic. It adds the perfect amount of poof while still allowing you to use a public restroom, drive a car, and all the other things that a full petticoat disallows. My waist waivers between 28-29″ and I got the medium. For $36 this is a STEAL. You will not be disappointed!


1940’s Dragon Queen

4 Mar

dragon-bannerSometimes there are pieces of fashion that I am drawn to and I don’t know why.  They are things outside of my comfort zone, things I look at over and over again trying to figure out what it is about them.  The Dixiefried Peasant Dress in 1940’s Dragon Print is one such dress.  I was very drawn to the photos on the website.  I was drawn to the rich cake-frosting-blue matte jersey peasant top, and of course to the brightly colored dragons.  I was worried though that the cut may not look good on me, and maybe the top might be unflattering, blah, blah, blah.  It just wasn’t my usual “style.” But, then I caved because I was under it’s spell and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

dragon-dressThe fabric is so pretty.  The top is fully lined in a smooth charmeuse, so it feels great against your skin (and keeps any potential bra-bling from snagging the chiffon-like matte jersey).  The dragon print is a nice cotton sateen with enough stretch to hug your curves and be very flattering.  It has a zipper up the back.  The peasant style top gives it some versatility; you can wear it either on or off the shoulder (you all know me by now–I went off the shoulder).

More than the beautiful, colorful details, the way this dress made me feel was what really stood out.  I have a lot of dresses from the Pinup Couture and Deadly Dames lines, but this was my very first Dixiefried.  I feel exotic in this dress.  I feel sexy and demure.  I feel a little like a 1940’s screen siren.  I wish I had better pictures because these photos can’t do justice to how great this looks in person.

It would be amazing with a great updo and maybe some chopsticks in your hair.  A nice shawl can only add to the glamourous vibe on the more chilly nights.  What can I say?  Pinup Girl has once again made me feel amazing, and this time in the form of a fierce, fiery dragon slayer.

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