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Be Still My Heart Of Darkness: Kreepsville 666 Elvira Tunic & Vampira Sunglasses

14 Feb

elvira-bannerI’ve always had a little darkness in my heart.  And I’ve always been a sucker for dark hair, pale skin and cleavage.  So it makes perfect sense that my beauty heroes include Elvira, Vampira, Morticia, and Lily.  Although, if we are getting technical, I believe Lily Munster was actually green.  Still, all of these women invoked a dark sensuality.  An ownership of their own glamour, not succumbing to what should be considered pretty.  They were sexy because they were different, and they gave little gothy hearted girls like me something to look up to and something to look forward to.

elvira-frontThe Kreepsville 666 Elvira Cobweb tunic dress drew me in right away.  With Elvira sprawled across a spiderweb, in simple black and white, my little black heart skipped a beat.  It is made of a soft cotton t-shirt material, very light weight with plenty of stretch.  It has a low scooped neckline so it can be worn on or off the shoulder.  You can definitely wear it as a mini dress with some tights if you’re feeling super vampy and daring.  I paired it with some leggings for a more modest look.  The greatness lies in the comfort.  I feel like I am wearing a t-shirt, but in fact look like I actually put myself together.  The back has some pretty large text that reads “Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.”  I was at first a bit concerned about this, but I like it in person, it adds a fun sort of punk rock edge to the tunic.

I got mine at Sourpuss.

elvira-glassesThen there is Vampira, the most mysterious lady of them all.  Even if these sunglasses weren’t a take on the original ones designed specifically for Vampira, I would still have drooled for them because, well, they are amazing.  I scored these from a limited run via the official Vampira page on Facebook.  I see them pop up every now and again on the page so all hope is not lost.  I missed out on the edition twice before I was able to actually score a pair.  You can stay tuned here for more information on Vampira and these badass glasses.

Now, I know there was a little rivalry between the Mistress of the Dark and The Original Glamour Ghoul which you can read about herebut I still love them both, so I have no problem wearing a little Elvira and Vampira mixed together.

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