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Bloody Good Fun: Harebrained Period Panties

27 Dec

Unicorn-BANNERWe all hate it.  That bloody, bitchy, question-all-of-your-past-choices time of the month.  The rag.  The period.  Menses Fest. The Blood Bath.  For me, this is a time when I want to murder most of humankind.  The cramping, the bleeding, the I-can’t-get-out-of-bed-for-seven-days.  It’s miserable and no amount of tampon commercials telling me I can wear white and play tennis and go swimming is going to change that.  But, I have found something to make it more fun, well at least until I get that medical marijuana license.

Period Panties.  No, not the cottony, holey, grandma panties you have buried in the bottom of your panty drawer.  But cute, badass, fuck-you panties.  Meet the blood thirsty team that is sure to make your week of hell a tiny bit more delightful.


Harebrained of Chicago, Illinois is self described as “a tall man with a pencil and a computer. He’s fueled by beer and puppies” brings us a little ray of dark humoured sunshine.

There is the Bleeder of The Pack, Cunt Dracula, Dawn of the Red, and, my favorite, Rainbo: First Blood. Not only do these panties pack some serious PMS attitude, but they are also black, which, let’s get down to business, you want during your period.  They are 100% cotton so they are easily washable and non irritating.  They have a super cute boycut brief that I otherwise would never don, but during the hellbeast days, I don’t want to be reminded of how sexy I am not by throwing on something silky.

These panties rock my world.  The shipping was super fast and I got cute buttons and stickers thrown in my package.  Well, not my package, but in the mailer. At $7.00 a pair, what are you waiting for?


And Justice For All: Stopping Greedy Art Resellers

19 Dec

ART-bannerI have loved art since I was a kid, spending hours looking through the Great Masters book.  I am very into Low Brow art, some of my favorite artists include Lori Earley, Tara McPherson, John John Jesse, Brian M. Viveros, Handiedan, Mark Ryden, etc.  Like most art admirers and beginning collectors, I cannot afford originals from these artists, but occasionally these artists release limited edition signed and numbered prints which allow a select few to have the art they adore in their homes.

Unfortunately, when these limited edition prints go on sale, they sometimes sell out in minutes, or hours if you’re lucky.  I recently was able to snag the Brian M. Viveros “And Justice For All” giclee print which was limited to only 50 copies and sold out in less than 10 minutes.

So why am I complaining, I was one of the lucky 50.  I am complaining because a quick search on Ebay for this print hours after it went on sale yielded 10 search results.  10 doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you consider that there are only 50 in the world, that is 20%. This means that greedy art resellers snatched these up and doubled the price (at least), literally taking them out of the hands of true collectors.  Art is one of the few things that I am willing to spend a pretty penny on when I can, and at $250 this is one of the more pricey pieces I’ve splurged on.  So imagine having your heart set on one of these and losing your chance to buy it at the more fair price.  They are currently selling for about $500 on Ebay.

Another recent print I scored is “Hera 2” by Handiedan.


This beloved print was a limited edition of 100, priced a bit more reasonably at $100. Before the print even went on sale to the public it was already on Ebay selling for $300 and up.  A recent Ebay search turned up 7 of these.

An even more maddening example is this limited edition copy of a Melvins record designed and signed by Camille Rose Garcia, limited to 50 signed copies, and it was somehow already on Ebay weeks before its official release date for double the price!  HOW?

My point is that there needs to be a better way to get the art to the true collectors not just the greedy guy who knows he can sell it for 3 times the going rate.  This is not to say, that in a few years as these prints increase in value, it is not okay to go ahead and sell them.  I just feel that taking them out of the hands of those of us who are passionate about the work and supporting the artists we admire is the work of capitalist greed.

It reminds me of the way concert tickets are scooped up by brokers and scalpers and then are sold for 5 times the face value (which often are high enough as is).  Instead of the true fans being able to buy tickets and support the artists and bands they love, the shows sell out and the fans are either forced to shell out cash they can’t afford or miss the shows entirely.  It really comes down to the same thing.  Some things shouldn’t be hocked to the highest bidder.

I love every single artist I listed above, and am grateful to them for making their art available to those of us who can’t afford the originals.  I admire what they do so I am happy to spend my money on their work.  I just wish that there was a way to ensure that the real fans get a chance to buy the prints at a reasonable price before art resellers get their greedy hands on them.

My First Comic Book: The New 52 Batgirl

5 Dec

BATGIRL-bannerI’ve always enjoyed superhero movies.  I went to see the first Batman movie in the theatre in 1989 with Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson and loved the colors and over the top costumes.  I had no idea that the magical world of comic books existed outside of this movie.  I didn’t have any brothers and my dad was from another country, so he didn’t have  a collection of back issues for me to peek at.  All I knew was that this movie was amazing and I had an affinity for superheroes, especially if they wore capes.

batgirl-new-52-1I know that it’s super cool and hip now to be “geek-chic” and that there is even a movement out there against “faux geek girls.”  Basically, if you claim to love comic books and video games and geek culture, but haven’t been into those things since the womb, you’re a poser.  I am obviously not of this thinking.  I think that you love what you love and you discover it when you discover it.  If I have discovered my latent love for comic books at 32, that doesn’t make my love any less than those of you who have been hardcore comic lovers since the age of 2.

So, I figured since I have loved the recent rash of superhero films (such as the Dark Knight Trilogy, the Iron Man films, and The Avengers), maybe I would also enjoy the comic books that inspired them.  This brought me to a Google search for a comic book shop in my area and discovered 4 Color Fantasies.  This store is like a mecca of comic books, with wall-to-wall comics and that wonderful smell that comes with tons of ink wafting through the air.  I, of course, was totally lost.  Luckily, the gentleman working there, Chris, was super friendly and didn’t hesitate to offer help, and better yet didn’t treat me like an idiot for not knowing what was what.  After chatting with Chris and fingering the comics for over an hour, I decided on a graphic novel of The New 52 Batgirl Vol. 1: The Darkest Reflection.  Here is a brief synopsis from Amazon:

The nightmare-inducing brute known as Mirror is destroying the lives of Gotham City citizens seemingly at random. Will Barbara be able to survive her explosive confrontation with this new villain, as well as facing dark secrets from her past?

I chose the graphic novel because it would be near impossible and a lot more expensive to try to find all of the back issues in the series.  I am not going to lie, part of me chose Batgirl because I loved the coverart.  And I felt like I might be better off going with the superhero comics instead of the non-superhero stories (such as The Walking Dead and Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Picture-13The best part was the excitement I felt, like I’d met a long lost friend whom I’d forgotten even existed.  I started reading it that night and was instantly in love.  I was into the story right away, despite having no prior knowledge of Barbara Gordon or how the Joker had shot and paralyzed her. The New 52 series takes place after Barbara recovers from her injury and begins with her shakily returning to her service as Batgirl.  I didn’t expect the story to be so strong.  All I really expected were some pretty pictures and some light action.  I am so impressed by the series and I am super excited to move on to more comics.  I am eyeing Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series since I am a big fan of his novels.  What comics do you recommend?

Sourpuss Go Batty Sweater

3 Dec

Bat-Sweater-BannerI admit that I’ve stalked Sourpuss for a long time before making my first purchase. I always thought that their things were really cute, but was unsure of the quality, having never seen any of their products in person.  Then I stumbled across the Go Batty sweaters and I couldn’t refuse.  This was a really great spooky sweater that was still girly and looked to have a flattering cut.

Bat-Sweater1I got it during the Black Friday sale and can say I wish I would have bought more from Sourpuss!  This sweater comes in two colorways, black with red bats, and black with gray bats.  After much deliberation I decided on the black and gray, partly because it was more limited in stock than the red and I feared it might sell out, but also there was just something about it that jumped out at me more.

I was so excited opening the package the day it arrived in the mail.  I could see right away through the plastic bag it was wrapped in that I loved the print, but feared once I opened it I would be scratched by the rough knit.  As soon as my hand touched this sweater, I melted.  I threw it on immediately and it was so soft and warm.  It almost feels like a silk blend.  It really is that soft and cozy.  It is 100% cotton so I know I can wash it and wear it many times.

Bat-SweaterI love that this sweater has a slightly longer length which makes it the perfect companion for leggings.  But it is also not so long that you can’t also wear it with jeans.  You can tuck into a pencil skirt for a dressier look too.  I wore it with leggings and wedge ankle boots and was super comfortable the whole night.

The red is currently in stock in all sizes, the gray is down to the last one in a size Large (as of the last time I checked).  But fear not, they are supposed to be restocked before the end of the year.

The sweater retails for $48.  During the month of December use code HOLIDAY for free shipping within the US. Use any of the links above or click here to purchase.

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