Lime Crime’s Metallic Gold Rhyme Eyeliner

21 Nov

I was lucky enough to score the new Lime Crime metallic gold foil unilner in Rhyme during a limited 24-hour sale before it’s wide release on Black Friday, November 23rd.

I have always loved the look of colored liquid eyeliners.  I wear Lime Crime’s Quill (black) everyday.  But I have found with all of the other brands I have tried that the colors (other than black) were watery, clumpy, smudgy, you name it, so I have stayed away.  That is until I saw this amazing metallic gold shade.  I figured I would at least have to try it.  I don’t know of any other line that has released such a gorgeous true gold shade of liquid liner.

I am so glad I did.  It makes your eyes look like a Christmas present.  When I first started applying it, I noticed a lighter texture than Quill and got nervous it was going to be watery, but with just one swipe, I was foiled!  It glides on easily, no tugging or pulling on your eyelid, just a smooth, gorgeous 18k gold line.  And the best part is that it shows up whether you apply over light colored eyeshadow or over a darker color.  You can keep it very subtle and thin or draw a thicker line for higher impact.

I wore it with Lucky Charm and Spellbound from their Alchemy eyeshadow palette.  There is no need for a second coat and it lasts.  It didn’t crack, rub off or fade all day.  Lime Crime has done it again.  I am not paid to give them good reviews and I don’t receive any free product (though I do wish!).  This is just really great makeup.  If you want to stand out and actually get the quality that you are paying for, check them out here!

P.S. Lime Crime is having a great 4-day Black Friday sale.  On November 23rd, the entire site will be 30% off and the 3 days following it will be 20% off (new releases excluded).


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