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Golden Girl Monica: My Newest Pinup Girl Clothing Obsession

29 Nov

The new Monica dress may be the most perfect dress ever created.  This dress sold out completely in red in it’s first week, with most sizes in the black and gold selling out just as quickly.  The good news? There will be more Monica.  So onto the good stuff.

I ordered the gold.  I’ve been lusting after a great gold metallic dress for a long time.  I’ve come across vintage styles that never seem to be in my size.  Then I saw it in the coming-soon pages of  This dress is glorious.

Putting it on is like a religious experience.  I found my goddess and her name is Monica.  The gold fabric has a dark sort of antique tone to it.  It is made from a lurex jersey with the perfect amount of subtle sparkle.  The structure fits like a custom dress.  And it’s not just my own ego, every girl I have seen this dress on looks like a million bucks.

The secret is the built in shaper.  It holds you in without being constricting and creates a smoothe foundation so that you aren’t “lumpy” underneath the fabric.  The draping is so flattering, it nips in your waist and creates a long sexy silhouette falling below the knee.  It is the ultimate Hollywood glamour dress.  I don’t mean to be so wordy, but words cannot quite express the magic of the dress.

It falls slightly off the shoulder.  You can wear a strapless bra, or a bra with straps pulled down around your shoulders, but I find that because of the built in shaper, you don’t need a bra with this one.  It holds you in and pushes you up for a delicious décolletage.  The sizing is very true to the chart, so look carefully.  If you’re in between sizes, go up.  The dress has a hidden zipper which will easily break if there is too much pull.  I found I was able to get in and out of the dress, albeit very carefully, without even unzipping it.

It is a stunner.  See for yourself.  The photos are just me in the dress, no extra shapewear.  Just pure magic.  For reference, I ordered the Medium.  Don’t miss out on your chance to get the Monica when she is restocked.  I wore this dress on a recent Vegas trip, and plan to wear it to a holiday party and definitely on New Years Eve.  It is great quality and will last for years to come.

What are you waiting for?  Go be a golden goddess (or red or black) and get it here.


Lime Crime’s Metallic Gold Rhyme Eyeliner

21 Nov

I was lucky enough to score the new Lime Crime metallic gold foil unilner in Rhyme during a limited 24-hour sale before it’s wide release on Black Friday, November 23rd.

I have always loved the look of colored liquid eyeliners.  I wear Lime Crime’s Quill (black) everyday.  But I have found with all of the other brands I have tried that the colors (other than black) were watery, clumpy, smudgy, you name it, so I have stayed away.  That is until I saw this amazing metallic gold shade.  I figured I would at least have to try it.  I don’t know of any other line that has released such a gorgeous true gold shade of liquid liner.

I am so glad I did.  It makes your eyes look like a Christmas present.  When I first started applying it, I noticed a lighter texture than Quill and got nervous it was going to be watery, but with just one swipe, I was foiled!  It glides on easily, no tugging or pulling on your eyelid, just a smooth, gorgeous 18k gold line.  And the best part is that it shows up whether you apply over light colored eyeshadow or over a darker color.  You can keep it very subtle and thin or draw a thicker line for higher impact.

I wore it with Lucky Charm and Spellbound from their Alchemy eyeshadow palette.  There is no need for a second coat and it lasts.  It didn’t crack, rub off or fade all day.  Lime Crime has done it again.  I am not paid to give them good reviews and I don’t receive any free product (though I do wish!).  This is just really great makeup.  If you want to stand out and actually get the quality that you are paying for, check them out here!

P.S. Lime Crime is having a great 4-day Black Friday sale.  On November 23rd, the entire site will be 30% off and the 3 days following it will be 20% off (new releases excluded).

Top 4 Black Friday Sales for 2012

19 Nov

It is officially every shopper’s favorite holiday, Black Friday.  Black Friday can also easily become a shopper’s worst nightmare.  I love a good deal and I don’t know about you, but I do not like to stand out in the freezing cold, being herded like cattle in the middle of the night after eating mass quantities of food. So here is a quick little guide to some awesome Black Friday week specials:

Lime Crime1) Lime Crime.  Makeup madness.  In addition to an awesome sale, they are also releasing a slew of new products.  I am drooling over Velvetines Matte Lipstick and the new glitters.

Friday Nov. 23: 30% off entire site.

Nov. 24, 25 & 26: 20% off entire site.

2) JBR Clothing.  Your complete pinup/rockabilly/fabulousness fashion destination.  They carry all the good brands from Bettie Page to Stop Staring to Hell Bunny to Bernie Dexter.  The list goes on and on and on.  These brands seldom go on sale and JBR has all of them at great prices.  And FYI they ship internationally for very reasonable rates. They are offering an entire week of steals starting today.

Monday Nov. 19: All orders receive free shipping (domestic AND international!).

 Tuesday Nov. 20: All items in sale section are 25% off closeout prices.

 Wednesday Nov. 21: Spend $200, get a gift certificate for $50.

Thursday Nov. 22: Happy Thanksgiving!  No promo. Go eat.

Friday Nov. 23: 25% off from midnight EST to 2am EST. 20% off the rest of the day.

Saturday Nov. 24: Every order on Saturday is entered into a raffle to win the handbag of your choice that they have in stock.

Sunday Nov. 25: Raffle for $50 gift certificate. Everyone that placed an order from Monday through Sunday is eligible.

3) Lux De Ville.  Sparkly purse magic.  Need I say more?  Discount should be announced soon! Their sale will start on Wednesday.

4) Pinup Girl Clothing They are being very top secret about the discount this year, but one thing we do know is that there will be a sale!

I am sure that there will be more great sales being announced this week, and I am excited and a little frightened to learn about all of them.  I love a good sale, my wallet does not.  I win every year though.

What sales are you looking out for?

Super Vamp: How to Become a Deadly Dame with Pinup Girl Clothing

15 Nov

I adore Pinup Girl Clothing, including all of their house brands: Deadly Dames, Pinup Couture, Laura Byrnes, Dixiefried, an Any-Other-Thing-They-Make. Because I have big hips, a big ass, and some thighs, I have found it easier to wear swing-style dresses. Most of us girls know that finding a great swing dress is far easier than finding a great wiggle dress.  With swing styles, as long as you can zip it up, it fits.  With wiggle dresses, things get much more complicated in the hip/junk/thigh area.

It was always hard for me to a) feel comfortable and/or sexy rocking a wiggle dress and b) to fit aforementioned body parts into a wiggle dress. But, after reading reviews and drooling over the pictures on the Pinup Girl Clothing website, I took the plunge and bought my first Deadly Dames Vamp dress.

The Vamp comes in a variety of fabulous prints and solid colors, including polka dot, black, baby blue, the-coming-soon 50’s leopard print, and, my favorite, zebra print.  No matter which colorway you get, or what size you are, this dress is amazing.

It has a punkrock edge to it, while keeping a classic 50’s/early 60’s wiggle silhouette.  It is made of a cotton sateen that is both comfortable and  forgiving, while also hugging your curves, which is a rare combination.  As soon as I put this dress on, I felt transformed into a sex goddess (or what I imagine a sex goddess feels like).

Let’s start from the top. The Vamp has adjustable straps that will accomodate a variety of bust sizes.  The cups are molded and lightly padded for shape.  I didn’t need a bra with this dress, but because of the wide straps you can definitely get away with a balconet style bra (perhaps even a lacy red number with the strap peeking out). Again, you don’t really need one with this dress, as it sort of works as a push up bra all on it’s own. (I couldn’t stop staring at my tits in this baby!)

Working our way down from the awesome ta-ta framing, the Vamp has a seam at the high point of the waist, which creates a whittled waistline; this is ideal, as opposed to wearing a dress that you simply pull over, making your waist look wider than it is. This is a problem with a lot of lesser quality designers; if you’re like me and have a 10 inch differential between your waist and hips, the last thing you want is for your waist to look as wide as your hips. This perfectly placed seam prevents that and creates an hourglass shape even if you don’t have one. From here the Vamp hugs your hips and smooths down your thighs into a yummy slit up the back, allowing for some wiggle room in this wiggle dress.

So, the Deadly Dames Vamp dress is comfortable, looks amazing, and comes in all sorts of fun colors and patterns. What makes this dress really worth it is seeing yourself in it and transforming into that moviestar vixen we all have inside of us. If you think yours isn’t there, slip on a Deadly Dames Vamp dress, put on some lipstick, add heels and make ’em weep.

WARNING: People will stare, so be prepared for the extra attention. Of course, every vamp knows that adoration is just a part of being a vixen. The Deadly Dames Vamp dress inspires confidence and, best of all, it makes being sexy fun. You don’t have to be uncomfortable and hold your breath all night to be a vamp, you just need this dress.

The Deadly Dames Vamp dress retails for $110 and you can buy it here.

Seeing Red: The Search for the Perfect Lipstick

12 Nov

Much like the perfect mate, finding the perfect red lipstick can be daunting and almost nightmarish.  I have oodles of half used tubes of red lipstick lining my makeup cases.  I have tried virtually every brand from the drugstore to the department store.  I don’t even want to think about the money I have spent and wasted in my quest.  Finding the perfect shade of red is the number one most difficult task in this attempt.  And once you find it, you will rejoice and finally breathe a sigh of relief releasing the stress you didn’t even know was there.

But once you find the shade, you realize that the formulation may not be right.  Two of the most famous reds out there are MAC’s Ruby Woo and Russian Red.

Russian Red  became famous in the 90’s after being touted as Madonna’s go-to shade for her Blonde Ambition tour.  Being a fan of red lipstick and the Queen herself, I went straight to Nordstrom and mistakenly bought Ruby Woo at the MAC counter (it wasn’t until recently I discovered I’d bought the wrong color).

Ruby Woo is a beautiful true, bright red, but it is very matte.  I found it a little too drying and a few hours after applying, my lips were peeling flakes of red (gross and also more likely to get on your teeth). My second red was also a MAC shade called Dubonnet which is a much deeper garnet shade of red, and also has a more satin finish, much more flattering than matte if you have thinner lips like me.

While the color was lovely, even with mass amounts of liner, I would still experience feathering and end up looking a mess at the end of the day. From here I moved on to Drop Dead Red by Too Faced, another gorgeous garnet-ruby shade with true blue undertones which is flattering on many skintones.  But, same issue, I would have terrible feathering and ended up looking like Courtney Love at the end of a drug binge after only a few hours of wear.  I gave up my dream of a daily red.

Then I found her.  Moulin Rouge by MakeUp Forever inspired by the famous nightclub’s performers.  It is a satin finish that is almost matte.  It is a bright, rich true blue red.  And the best part?  It stays on your lips.  I have eaten, drank, chatted away and it stays all day.  I use it with their Aqua Lip liner in 8C.

It’s a waterproof liner so it probably has a lot to do with the staying power.  It is on the pricier side with the lipstick selling for $19 and the pencil selling for $18 in the US.  But I promise you it is so worth it.  Now if only I could find a good garnet red that will stay the way this one does.  Any recommendations on what lipsticks work best for you?  Have you found another red that has rocked your world?  Tell me about it in the comments below.


Olivia De Berardinis Does Dita Von Teese

7 Nov

If you were among the many lucky enough to attend the sold out strand of dates on Dita Von Tesse’s Strip Strip Hooray! tour, you understand the sheer deliciousness of her final act, The Opium Den.  The act debuts with a beautiful Asian inspired instrumental version of The Cure’s “Lullaby.” Dita emerges from a lush set in one of the most sensual acts she has ever done.  If you haven’t seen it, here is a 30 second preview to give you an idea of the lush act:

The modern Pinup Art Queen, if you don’t already know her, is Olivia De Berardinis.  Olivia is most well known for her interpretations of the notorious Bettie Page.  Her work has been featured in Playboy magazine, books, calendars, album covers, you name it.  One of her favorite muses is the incomparable Burlesque queen, Miss Dita Von Teese.  Dita is instrumental in the modern revival of the art of Burlesque and nobody does it quite like her.

Dance of the Opium Den

Olivia recently released a limited edition print inspired by Dita’s Opium Den act called “Dance of the Opium Den.”  I ordered this print almost immediately upon its release.  Having been a fan of both Dita and Olivia for quite some time, I couldn’t wait for my chance to own a permanent reminder of Dita’s beautiful act.  I ordered the smallest size print (9×12) on weekly special for $80 (regularly $100).

As beautiful as this print looked online, I can tell you that it is remarkable in person.  The deep lapis blue is so rich it almost looks layered and the gold and orange on the dragon fan almost glows.  It has a very surreal quality to it, much like the act itself. Each print is hand signed and numbered by Olivia.  For an additional $50 you can also have it signed by Dita herself.  Had finances allowed, I would have definitely gone for this option! The print has a hand deckled edge adding to the beauty and unique quality of it.  Olivia has created a series of paintings based on the various acts from Strip Strip Hooray!  I look forward to collecting more in the future.

If you’d like to own a beautiful Olivia & Dita collaboration on a shoestring budget, there is a limited number of tour posters available hand signed by Dita for $40.  These are not the same high quality art prints as Olivia’s limited editions, but it still looks pretty great in a frame.  The posters were only available on the West Coast Tour for $10.  I bought mine unsigned at the show because there wasn’t a signed option.  I am so torn on buying another one because I already have one and it’s not like I actually met Dita, but man I want this one!  Is it wrong to buy two? You can find the signed ones here.

Pinup Couture Lizbeth Day of the Dead Wiggle Dress

1 Nov

This dress.  This dress, this dress.  It needs no words.  It is one of the most delicious designs that has come out of the Pinup Couture line at  It is also discontinued and hard to find.  When you do, snatch it up because they only come around once in a while.

So what makes this dress so special?  Partly it is the beautiful construction that you expect to find with all of the Pinup Girl Clothing house brands (Deadly Dames, Dixiefried, Pinup Couture, Laura Byrnes, etc.). It is also due to the rich shock of the lime green embroidery against the black bengaline.  The bengaline dress is so stretchy and yummy, it hugs your curves beautifully, and more importantly it is so comfortable and you can wiggle in it while still maintaining your ability to breathe.  But aside from the comfort and the color and the oh-so limited availability  there is something else that makes this one of the most coveted dresses in the Pinup scene.

It captures the magic, mystery and culture of Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead. It makes you feel like you’re celebrating in a quaint little Mexican town being ensconced in the culture of this very meaningful day. Not for the faint of heart, it features sugar skull embroidery across the top and across the bottom hem.  It has that edgy feel while still looking completely classy and grown up.  I find that it gets more and more difficult to rock skulls on my clothes as I get older, but in this dress, you can still rock the skulls without being mistaken for a teenager.  It is gorgeous, it is collectable, it is a statement.  It is quintessentially Pinup Couture.

I have one for sale here.  I was lucky enough to end up with two of these in my mad hunt for the Lizbeth, and that is just greedy.

****UPDATE: This dress sold on 11/4/12****

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